What are “OFF-THE-SHELF” Maps?

Every COMPORT will come with our “OFF-THE-SHELF” (OTS) Maps (tunes). The maps are pre-installed by our staff and are available to flash to your vehicle upon installation (marrying) of the COMPORT to your vehicle.  

These OTS maps are designed by octane and by performance modifications. There are two octanes available. These octanes are:

  • 91 Octane (us) / 95 Ron (euro)
  • 93 Octane (us) / 98 Ron (euro)

These modifications are labeled and known as “STAGES”.

  • STOCK: Your factory (OEM) tune
  • STAGE 1: Stock vehicle (no aftermarket modifications added)
  • STAGE 2: Aftermarket downpipe (with or without cat-back exhaust has been added to the vehicle)

After installing (marrying) your COMPORT to your vehicle using the “READ” feature. Your factory tune that was read off the vehicle will now take the “STOCK” tune position in your map selection.

You can now click on “WRITE” feature listed under the “TUNING” tab which will display the OTS maps available for your vehicle.

More information on installation see: Installation Guide