FIRST step is to make sure you have downloaded the COMPORT MANAGER and have made sure your COMPORT is up-to-date. You can do this by selecting the “COMPORT MANAGER” located in our support tab. Once you have installed the software, connect your COMPORT to your computer, please make sure you have a good internet connect, then you can launch it by clicking on the COMPORT MANAGER icon located on your desktop. The COMPORT MANAGER will automatically go through steps, updated and will prompt you once it is done updating.

*Note: COMPORT software is Windows based, therefore will NOT work on a Mac.

How-to: Install the COMPORT

Go to your vehicle:

  1. Connect the COMPORT to your vehicle’s OBDII port.
  2. Do not turn on your ignition.
  3. Please ensure that vehicle doors are closed, all vehicle electronics, lights and accessories are on the off.


  1. Please select TUNING
  2. Then confirm your vehicles year, make and model.
  3. Once completed, please select READ
  4. The COMPORT will give you on-screen prompts for the read operation to successfully complete the process.
  5. Please note, when asked to turn your vehicle ignition to the ON position, some vehicles with push button start will require TWO clicks on the ignition switch. Do not touch the brake pedal. **** (see below if you DO NOT see tunes)

IF THE COMPORT PROMPTS “CONTACT DEALER / ERROR F002” then it did not auto-generate tunes for your vehicle, the WRITE and/or TUNING button will be disabled or unavailable and your vehicle’s OEM / ORIGINAL tune will need to be submitted to our engineers to properly provide you with the new tune(s) for your ECU. Follow the steps below. (for more information about this can be found HERE.)

Remove the COMPORT form your vehicle and head over to your desktop / laptop. Launch the COMPORT Manager to connect to your COMPORT. Once completed, select the DOWNLOAD DATA tab. This will download your OEM / ORIGINAL from the COMPORT.

  1. The COMPORT Manager will ask you to name the file (we recommend naming it “stock”) and to save the OEM / ORIGINAL tune somewhere on your PC.
  2. Email this file to: along with your vehicle information (year, make, model) and the COMPORT serial number located in the DEVICE INFO menu
  3. You will receive your updated tune(s) within 24hrs.


After you perform an ECU READ, the COMPORT will compare the read tune data to the known 100% OEM / ORIGINAL tune data. If the data matches 100% with the COMPORT‘s known OEM / ORIGINAL tune data, then the COMPORT will auto-generate the available custom tune for your vehicle’s ECU.

  1. Please select WRITE
  2. Key is in the ON position – Check that you have your ignition turned fully into the ON position. For vehicles equipped with push-to-start ignition, please press start button TWICE. For vehicles using key-style ignition, TWO key clicks. Please ensure that ALL ELECTRONICS and LIGHTS are OFF as well as your vehicle DOORS are CLOSED.
  3. Now you can select which tune you would like to load into the vehicle.
  4. *** Note: IF an error occurs during programming, DO NOT turn off the key or unplug the COMPORT. This is a simple fix. Go back to the “TUNING” menu and start the programming process again by selecting “WRITE” and the tune you wanted to use. The COMPORT will pick up were it had left off.


Once you receive your tunes you can upload them into your COMPORT using the COMPORT MANAGER.

Launch the COMPORT Manager to connect to your COMPORT. Once completed, select the UPLOAD DATA tab.

  1. The UPLOAD DATA menu will ask you to “Select the tuning file to upload into the device“.
  2. Please select “BROWSE
  3. The COMPORT Manager will ask you to choose the file you would like to upload. Please select the tune file sent to you by our staff.
  4. You will be prompt stating “Data has been written
  5. You can now proceed to your vehicle and install the new tunes you choose by selecting “TUNING” and then “WRITE