After you have plugged in your COMPORT into your vehicle and performed an ECU READ, the COMPORT will compare the read data (stock ECU file) to the COMPORT files and data. If the data matches 100% with the files on the COMPORT the then the COMPORT will auto-generate the tunes compatible with your vehicle’s ECU.

The COMPORT may fail to auto-generate tunes for different reasons:

  • Your vehicle’s ECU software is out-of-date and a more recent update is available
  • Your ECU software is new and we haven’t added it to our COMPORT database yet
  • Your ECU has been tuned before and the data in the ECU is not 100% stock
  • The COMPORT serial number is for a different vehicle / ECU

Dealerships are always updating vehicle ECU’s when a car goes in for service. Some cases, the ECU will be FULLY updated which changes the factory ECU software completely. This is not a problem and something to not worry about..

If your COMPORT did not auto-generate tunes for your vehicle and its specific ECU, you can upload the compatible tunes designed for your specific ECU.