AMR Performance is a family owned and operated corporation. Through over 65 years and 3 generations of race breed engineering, numerous track victories and product development, we build some of the world’s quickest & fastest vehicles.

This wide knowledge base and competitive edge continues to fuel the company’s passionate drive for setting new standards and market leading technology. Our goal is to design the ideal solution for performance enhancing ECU software and products while utilizing today’s’ fuel efficient standards and reliability.We work close with OEM manufactures, as well as OEM dealerships and aftermarket performance manufactures to ensure that all of our calibrations and products (all engineered in-house) provide the highest quality and performance without compromising reliability.

Our facitlity is fully with a FWD, RWD & AWD 2700hp dynamometer for vehicle calibrating, product development, product testing & diagnostic road simulation.

AMR Performance offers a wide variety of services, product development, software engineering & consultation.

We, at AMR Performance, strive for excellence and perfection. Our software upgrade(s) are developed through year(s) of race bread engineering, hours of data acquisition to confirm perfection and in-house dynamometer (dyno) and on-track testing to ensure consistency. We work hand-n-hand with world leading manufactures, and OEM manufacture(s) to give our clients only the best in performance without compromise.

AMR Performance Software

AMR Performance offers software development for:

  • Competition Software Development
    • (track racing)
  • Manufacturer Software Development
    • (software developed for aftermarket / OEM & non-OEM manufacturer products)
  • Automotive High Performance Applications
    • (performance)
  • Automotive ECO-Solutions
    • (reduce fuel economy)

Own a shop? Need a tuner? Need software help?

Tuning is an expensive service. From proper tooling, software and education, it can turn into a very expensive service and eat at a companies operating cost. AMR Performance offers software solutions to support over 5600 different vehicles and over 1800 different ECUs.

How does this benefit you?

AMR Performance offers software solutions to support over 5600 different vehicles and over 1800 different ECUs. This now opens a large window of vehicles you & your company can wrench on & provide installation services for. Increasing your customer base and the amount of vehicles your can support.