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What is the COMPORT? The COMPORT is a very powerful device. What makes the COMPORT superior over other devices, other than its modern touch screen appearance, is its pre-loaded AMR Performance designed and engineered tune(s). What are pre-loaded maps? “Pre-loaded” maps, also knows “O.T.S.” or most commonly referred as “off-the-shelf”,
bmw m4 tune
Had some fun dialing in Ron’s BMW M4 pumping out a solid 523whp with just our Stage 1 tune! No other modifications. Modifications: AMR Performance ECU tune
amr performance comport
Welcome the “COMPORT” Features:⁣✅ Auto-Detect tuning files⁣✅ up to 6 Pre-loaded OFF-THE-SHELF tunes (including STOCK tune)⁣✅ 100% Plug-and-Play functionality ⁣✅ 100% Reversible to original factory tune in minutes ⁣⁣The COMPORT has the ability to program our custom ECU software (tunes) into your vehicle from the comfort of your own home
Modifications: – Wagner Cat-less Downpipe – Wagner Intercooler – AMR Performance Stage 2 Tuning bmw m2 tune
amr performance pure turbos cla45
mercedes cla45 turbo upgrade Modifications: – Alpha High Pressure Fuel Pump – Alpha Center Heat Exchanger Upgrade – Alpha Auxiliary Heat Exchanger Upgrade – Alpha Cat-less Downpipe Upgrade – Armytrix Cat-Back Exhaust System – Pure Turbos 650 Turbo Upgrade (Stage 2) – Snow Performance Stage 2 Methanol Injection Kit– AMR