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Below is step-by-step instructions for ECU removal on your 991.2 Carrera 3.0T or Turbo 3.8L.
c43 free rev
Another EXCLUSIVE feature from @AMRPerformance! First we introduced the RV3.1 with its huge power gains and 0-60mph in 3.3s on 93 octane only. Then we introduced #LaunchControl giving the M276 platform our famous boost-off-the-line. To make things even more interesting we threw in our #SpecialFeatures which including some #2Step action along with some more goodies. Now we
Dragy 1/4 Mile Results C43 C450 C400
AMR Performance ECU Software proves yet again to be the dominant upgrade in the industry Click Here for Product Link Unlike competitors, we show more than just 1 drag result and our results are without the help of a piggy back tune on top of another tune. Our customers provide
*NOTE: MENU OPTIONS DIFFER PER VEHICLE The AMR Performance #COMPORT is the most powerfully packed handheld on the market. The #COMPORT gives you the ability to switch between multiple tunes (maps) and multiple on octanes on-the-fly including reverting back to stock. The tunes (maps) are listed as a “Stage”. There
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