Who is AMR Performance? --- How long have we been in business? --- What makes us different? --- What makes us better then the competition?"/>

Who is AMR Performance?

We, at AMR Performance, strive for excellence and perfection. Our software upgrade(s) are developed through year(s) of race bread engineering, hours of data acquisition to confirm perfection and in-house dynamometer (dyno) and on-track testing to ensure consistency. We work hand-n-hand with world leading manufactures, and OEM manufacture(s) to give our clients only the best in performance without compromise.

We work closely with OEM manufacture(s), as well as OEM manufacture(s) dealerships and aftermarket performance manufacture(s) to ensure that all of our calibration(s) and product(s) (engineered in-house) provide the highest quality and performance without compromising reliability.

How long have we been in business?

AMR Performance has been in business for over 20yrs. Our wide knowledge base and competitive edge continues to fuel the company’s passionate drive for setting new standards and market leading technology.

What makes us different?

Unlike “tuning” shops, we have a dedicated staff of computer software engineers. These engineers give us the ability to write our own proprietary code. This ability allows us to develop our own software, unlike other “tuning” shops and/or “tuners” who use a 3rd party or another company and/or persons “pre-made” map/tune from an outside unknown source or “overseas”.

Our goal is to design the ideal solution for performance enhancing ECU software and products while utilizing today’s’ fuel efficient standards and reliability.

What makes us better then the competition?

Two of the major things that separate us from our competitors is the ability to have in-house engineers/software developers and physically owning the vehicle that you are looking to upgrade (not using a customers).

These two major factors give us the ability to not only do in-house development but to also make more power as well as offer you custom “FEATURES” that NO OTHER company / tuning shop can offer you. This puts us not only in-front of the competition but allows our software upgrades to be SUPERIOR over our competitors.

Another difference is the ability to create future “ADD-ONS” to your current upgrade. This will allow you to keep adding more features to your vehicle as suppose to competitors which only have “1 set tune”.

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