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AMR Performance offers a variety of DEALER SERVICES to help drive more customers to your business. From performance software upgrades to performance parts.


amr performance dealers

AMR Performance Reviews amr performance dealers

Own a shop? Need a tuner? Need software help?

Tuning is an expensive service. From proper tooling, software and education, it can turn into a very costly service and eat at a companies operating cost. AMR Performance offers software solutions to support over 5600 different vehicle platforms and over 1800 different style of ECUs.


How does this benefit you?

With AMR Performance offering software solutions and tuning support for over 5600 different vehicle platforms and over 1800 different style of ECUs, this opens a larger window of vehicles you, as well as your company to support, wrench on & provide installation services for. Increasing your customer base and the amount of vehicles your can work on.


How do you install our software / tunes?

Up to 95% of the programming can be done on-site utilizing tools we provide. These tools are connected to the vehicle via 0BD2 port in which you can identify the vehicle, log into our server and program the vehicle with the updated “tune” we supply. This can be done on-site within an hour.

Certain vehicles, mainly the newer Mercedes-Benz platforms, will require the ECU to be shipped to headquarters. This process is straight forward and simple. Identify you customer’s vehicle, check to see if we show support for that vehicle, remove the ECU and ship the ECU to us. When we receive the ECU, our engineers will review the ECU, disassemble, copy the factory software for abilities to “put back to stock” then install our proprietary software upgrade into the ECU. Programming typically takes 1 day in which case we will overnight the unit back to you.


What is your price on this service?

AMR Performance offer’s a competitive discount structure. MSRP pricing is standard and listed publicly on our website.

Once setup in our system as a dealer, you will receive your Wholesale pricing discount off of our software upgrades / tunes.


Handheld Programmers

For your specific customer’s who are not local or want to have more of a personal control over their tune as well as have the ability to flash to stock, AMR Performance also offers handheld programmers for your customers who which to have control over flashing their vehicle. The COMPORT is available for all popular vehicles.

The COMPORT gives the customer the ability to program our tune into their car, revert to stock at any time, switch maps and check DTC (check engine lights).


AMR Performance offers a variety of dealer options. Here are few listed below:


 AMR Performance Standard Dealer

This dealer level does not require any equipment or any type of buy-in, just a monthly subscription. All vehicle ECU’s will be shipped to AMR Performance HQ for programming (unless a handheld programmer is available for the vehicle). We offer a 1-day turn around time. You will receive 15-20% off AMR Performance ECU Software (tunes) and 10% off tuning hardware (programmers).

AMR Performance Premiere Dealer

As a premiere dealer, you will listed as a dealer on our website and recommended to our customers who are local to you as an AMR Performance Software Installer. As a premiere dealer, you will be given a up to 30% discount off all AMR Performance ECU Software upgrades (tunes) and 15% discount on tuning hardware. You will receive OBD2 programming equipment which can program wide variety of vehicles. The OBD2 unit will connect to our servers. Typically, tune(s) are provided same day and/or within the hour. With the purchase of this package you will receive 1 tune(s) at no charge. The buy-in cost for this option is $6999.99.

For AMR Performance offers FRANCHISEE options. Check out our FRANCHISEE section. CLICK HERE



amr performance dealers

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