Digital Dyno Database


  • Viewer can choose from the drop-down menus or search for specific keywords
  • Viewer can display HP and TQ by selected the options
  • Viewer can display AFR and BOOST by selected the options
  • Viewer can display all options at the same time
  • Viewer can display other vehicles and their power ratings over each other for comparison
  • Graph can also be copied and shared using the share graph button or print graph
  • **** Email, Print or Share on social media
  • The combinations are endless! 
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We are introducing our Digital Dyno Database available for shops and tuners!

With today’s growing social media, it makes it difficult for shops and tuners to showcase all of the vehicles they have tuned, the different combinations and the variety of customers they have done. We at AMR Performance have come up with a way for you to display, overlay and share all of your customers in one area on YOUR website.

The Digital Dyno Database allows you to export your customer’s dyno data. Once you do this, you log into your own admin panel where you can:
  • Vehicle Year
  • Vehicle Make
  • Vehicle Model
  • Customer Name
  • Upload Dyno Plot Data
Now you can log into your own admin section which will give you access to upload your customers’ dyno plots with their vehicle information to allow the public to view your customers’ power! The viewer can also display and plot other vehicles you have done, same vehicle power plots and more!

Below are examples of how this works and some of the abilities the viewer has using this on YOUR website to view YOUR customers’ dyno sheets!