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The best customer service and the best product

I did ecu tune with AMR last year for my 19 e63s wagon. This year I want to add cpc tune. Talked with Chris Chan. I received my cpc in 3 days and AMR hq helped me to program the cpc ! The best customer service I ever had !

If you have a w213 e63s adding a cpc is a must in my opinion. It’s day and night difference. OEM cpc removal and install is not that hard definitely can DIY.

I can noticed after cpc tune cold start is louder than before and when you driving less throttle is needed cause the car is way more responds and faster than only ecu tune.

Thanks AMR I will do tcu next year to complete my combo !

Quick & Easy

I’ve tuned several cars that I’ve owned. Chris Chan & AMR have made it one of the easiest process.


Amazing product! Could not believe how easy it is to install! After spending money on another company's cable and tune, I was not happy. After so much research I pulled the trigger on AMR and could not be happier! Super easy install and the car feels like an animal compared to the other companies' tune. Thank you, AMR. You have a customer for life!

CLA45 C118

I couldn't be more pleased with this tune! I originally bought the car and thought it was a little rocket already, however, I thoroughly disliked the lag in the throttle and overall response of the car. It was quick after a couple seconds of flooring it, but I wanted something peppier and aggressive and this tune gave me everything I wanted and then some. It is responsive and and wildly fast. It is a complete sleeper and yet totally daily driveable. If you are even considering tuning this car, do it with AMR. This is the only place I will ever go for my tunes. Thank you guys!

couldn't be happier

Was referred to AMR and glad I was. received a tune on my mercedes c400 and couldn't be happier with it. What I liked most besides the increased performance was getting updates on the progress and explained in detail what is being done.


Super impressive results! I could not be happier! This comport pro was easy to install, straight forward and flashed my ecu in minutes! You guys rock! Solid tune and solid service! AMR = THE BEST!

best mod ever done!

This is my second tuner for my Mercedes GTS AMG. The first tuner I picked based off a deal they gave me on Facebook and a couple my friends said they were the best. Worst move I ever made! Note to self, do not listen to your friends! Thankful I came across AMR and after speaking with Robert decided to pull the trigger. The car is an animal! Night and day compared to the first tuner whose power gains felt like a joke. Do yourself a favor and choose AMR Performance as your first choice. Save money, time and energy. Thank you again AMR Performance.

C43 AMG Tune Stage 1 with Chris Chan

I held off on getting a tune for my car as I never trusted the process. Once I started looking into it, AMR was one of the top brands for recommendation. I reached out to Chris Chan, and decided to pull the trigger. After getting my tune, the upload process was super simple but with my luck there was a windows update the day before and it needed patching from AMRs team. Chris kept me calm, and collected and ensured me that everything would be okay and the car would get the proper tune. These aren’t cheap toys and it’s scary if things don’t go perfectly. What can I say? Chris Chan and the AMR team came through huge. Stage 1 tune complete, car runs strong and clean. Thank you so much Chris Chan! If you are at all hesitant, do not be. Chris and the AMR team are super trustworthy and will take care of you. Unreal experience. Thank you Chris so much! A+ communication, customer service, honesty and trust.

Like a different car

Wow! The power increase you get is very noticeable and the burble add on is my favorite, medium to loud pops and burbles while downshifting even with a stock exhaust. This tune is great plus it’s really easy to install and customer service was quick to respond to my questions.

Do it!

The tune is awesome! It’s the best thing you can do without grabbing a wrench. It took me a few tries with the software, at one point my car was disabled, and I’m sure AMR would have helped me install it. But I’m too much of a hard head to ask for help. The software has a hard reset on the ECU so if you get in too much trouble there’s a safety net. Once the tune was loaded it made the car come alive. It was already a fun car stock, but the tune unlocks the real potential of the car. If you are on the fence about this, hop over to the ‘yes’ side. The grass is greener.

Stage 2 w205 Comport Pro Tuner

Amazing power. Amazing sound. AMR guys are great. Make sure you have a good laptop with all updated software. I tried on an older laptop and almost messed everything up. AMR was there to help on a Sunday too. More than happy with the sound and performance! Recommend

Mercedes-Benz E63s AMG W213 TCU/CPC Software Upgrade
Tabz Shaikh

E63s AMG

best tune possible

I talked to Chris Chan multiple times before I bought the tune. he answered all my questions I had. He was there every step of the way for me and helped me tune the car. I have a 2018 Mercedes E43 amg and went with their stage one tune. So far I love it. I love the constant power it has, but still very friendly around town. its hard to stay out of the accelerator, I always want to feel the power. The other day I took it to the beach which was about 110 miles each way. going down I averaged 28.7mpg and about 28.4 on the way back. I'm shocked that the cars making 500 hp and still able to average that. I love the tune and how much it woke the car up. I can't thank Chris enough.

Definitely worth the money!!

Aside from the added horsepower the tune wakes up the car in so many ways. I absolutely love that I can now drive past 130mph, and the car doesn’t even feel like it’s trying!! I worked with Chris Chan and had an amazing experience, definitely recommend him to anyone!!

Best choice you could make!

Literally the best thing I have ever bought! From excellent customer service to an excellent product. Did my research and happy with my choice! Tune is amazing! Zero issues and the smile I get when driving is endless. Robert is a coding god. You guys are great! Keep up the good work!

Awesome tune

Awesome tune, great customer service and communication! My ECU was flashed and returned to me within 24 hours. Couldn't be happier!

Best performance tuners in the game

Best performance tuners in the game. They tune it all. Super easy to work with and turnaround was super fast and on time. They will now be my go to tuner from here on out on all my builds.

AMR Performance is a great place!!!

AMR Performance is a great place!!! Matt and the staff at AMR are all amazing. They will go above and beyond to make sure your car is running to the best of its abilities. AMR is hands down one of the best places to go if you want quality work! Thanks again AMR you guys are awesome!!!

great job guys

Working with Rob and Matthew at AMR was a great experience. Rob is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to tuning cars I don't think there is anything he can't do. Thanks for the great job guys.

referred to AMR and glad I was

Was referred to AMR and glad I was. received a tune on my mercedes c400 and couldn't be happier with it. What I liked most besides the increased performance was getting updates on the progress and explained in detail what is being done.

I highly recommend!

What can I say can’t beat them join them! Was a pleasure working with Chris Chan and the amr team there customer service is top notch I highly recommend! #amrempire #2017 #c43amg

AMR tune is by farthest better than DME

Just want to give a shoutout to Chris Chan. Cuz of him I went forward with this tune. With his support and help made it so much easier to proceed with it. I had DME tune and to be honest it I wasn’t happy with it. It ran sluggish and wasn’t as good as everyone was talking about. Felt like my car can do better and run better than it was cuz I’m telling you it was bad. Now trying this tune man I was right about it. AMR tune is by farthest better than DME. This tune it feels like it was made for this car it rides a lot smoother and the shifts are a lot better and specially the down shifts as well. I will give an update down the road to see how it keeps up. Thnx a lot a again CHRIS CHAN!

pure enjoyment

I would like to do a shout out to Chris Chan and AMR Performance! I recent purchased my E63S and immediately joined the groups and forums to start researching things and becoming part of a community. A lot of people recommended AMR and Chris. I saw they had an anniversary sale so I had take advantage of it.…needless to say Chris spent damn near 45 minutes talking to me about the tune, the process, and answering all of my questions. I finally got around to installing the tune today which only took a few minutes and it’s definitely a game changer! I appreciate the fantastic customer service, the user friendly program, and the pure enjoyment AMR unlocked.

2021 Mercedes E63S AMG

Bought this for my 2021 Mercedes E63S AMG and could not be happier. Customer service was top notch! Installation straight forward. Took me 1 click to log in, 1 click to connect to my vehicle and 1 click to flash it! So simple and worth it!

Amazing tune!

Turnaround time super quick! Receive the product in a couple days. Straight forward install. Amazing tune! Great job!

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amr performance reviews | amr tuning reviews