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Chris Chan made the process a breeze and the product is amazing! Definitely would recommend!

Infiniti Q50 stage 1 burble

Had a few issues at first but AMR fixed it within hours which i really appreciated and once they sent me the correct tune i wanted something more aggressive and they were happy to help and send more tunes. Great company great service highly recommended

Incredible change to the car

Can’t overstate the service provided by AMR

Unlock your car! (Stage 2 C43)

Non-sponsored review- AMAZING! I have used and relied on AMR tuning products across different platforms for years, and the increase in the C43's performance is night and day. Its safe and reliable and has effectively given me a 'new car' to enjoy for many miles ahead. Customer service is always top-notch. There is no comparison to piggy-back style tuning and the Comport family of tuning solutions. Enjoy the drive!

Best tune

Added so much power and life to the car! Amazing job!

Took Care of Business

in the Beginning it was a Quiet, Slow Lagging response, BORING AMG,

Then, MATT from AMR got me Right with my Stage 1 Tune and Burbles

, Now when I see those C8 or M5' Compatition s Out their on the Highway, They Know now and UNDERSTAND! the True power of the Gentleman's Beast !! Beware!!

HELL CATS And challengers, u have been warned.

Easy HP Gain

First of all, excellent customer service, installation is flawless and simple instructions are easy to follow.
Now the details - 2022 GLC43 AMG
Before the tune I ran 10 GPS race times for 0-60mph and 1/4 mile deleting the fastest and slowest runs to get a base line of the remaining 8 runs. Jan 18, 24 Conditions are cold 37° single lane highway on All Season tires.
Stock 0-60mph=4.9sec avg, 1/4 mile 13.5sec avg across 8 runs.
With AMR stage 1 0-60mph =4.6sec avg, 1/4 mile 13.0sec avg across 8 runs
the pull was noticeably better and the exhaust pops are much more frequent and louder. the AMG stats showed 337hp before, and now best run had 386hp on the display.
Overall I am pleased with the install and hat tip to AMR Performance for opening up the V6 Biturbo


Can’t thank everyone at AMR Performance enough. Especially Chris Chan. They did the ECU, TCU tune, and the CPC module on my GLC 43 AMG. I traded it in and got a GLE 63s AMG. They did the ECU and TCU tune and it is now a monster. It is all very easy to do. The customer service is top notch and they are always there to help.

GLC 43 AMG TCU tune

Installed the AMR, TCU
tune and wow what a huge difference this thing really hooks now the transmission shits better than ever before. Thanks guys you guys rock.

AMR Is great but..

I purchased the comport tuner with burbles I can’t stress enough on how much it changes the car but I was hopping it would’ve came with the special features that I thought I was getting like the burnout mode, launch, free rev, etc. that’s why I’m rating it 4 of 5 stars. I wish it would’ve been more clear if that tune would’ve came with it

Stage 1

Amazing to say the least!!!

The best there is

I can’t thank AMR and Chris Chan enough. They did the TCU, ECU, and CPC module on my GLC43. Now they did the TCU and ECU on my GLE 63s. Chris’s customer service is amazing. Thank you!

Time for C43

The power difference is crazy and they were very helpful during the install, made everything go very smooth

Mercedes c300 2015

I didn’t think these types of things actually worked though I’m not sure how much horsepower I actually got but I definitely do feel and see improvements! Faster acceleration and more responsive when in gears it’s very impressive! I got the burble pop 91 octane and I love to downshifts when I’m driving it’s amazing highly recommended and if you don’t know how to set the tune up they will help you to a T great staff great product great improvement!


My E63S runs extremely well with these tunes. More responsive and a blast to drive

Amazing Results

Purchased this for my 2019 Vantage. Got the 93 Octane with the Burbles and Pops add-on. Got the Pro-Tuning Suite very fast in the mail. Sent off the email that I had received it and was ready to start the tune. Very quick response within an hour. Hooked everything up via the instructions they gave. Very simple to follow. When I loaded it up, the tune wasn't loaded yet so I sent another email. Within another hour, everything was there. Took less than 3 minutes to import the tune to the car. Had a check engine light but using the tuner I was able to see that it was just the car seeing the update to the fuel management and ecu. Cleared the codes. Perfect since then. Definitely noticeable torque in the lower RPMs. Gonna need some new tires for grip. Burbles and Pops are much more noticeable in Sport + and definitely louder in Track. You don't get a lot of low rumble when revs drop (only in 1st gear around 2k RPM). Get some good poops upshifting through 2 and even 3rd now. Fantastic product and a must for all Vantage owners!!


Installed ECU and TCU tunes in my Mercedes!
Completely floored at how big a difference the AMR tunes made! Highly recommend
2019 E63S

Extremely happy!

I could not ask for more and the customer service is outstanding!!! Thank you so much for waking up my car. Can’t wait to do more modifications with your guidance. Chris Chan is the best Mercedes tuner in the world!

Great tune

It’s like it’s a whole new car with the torque and horsepower increase, the pops and crackles on top of it all just makes it even more badass

Cpc & stage 2 tune gt63s

I choose this company over dme just becuase of customer service by Chan, stage 2 and CPC tune unlocks this car to a different status quick loud and fast on highway, on point customer service from troubleshooting connection and flashing he was every step with me and his engineer thank you team amr and Chan.

The best tune company out there

IMPORTANT!! Please stop and take the time to read this testimonial. My experience may help you avoid the issues I encountered with a “cheap” tune.

I had been researching tunes for my car and was anxious to make a purchase and start the process. I connected with Chris Chan from AMR Performance who took the time to explain AMR’s tune and process. I didn’t realize, at the time, that there are differences between tuners and the quality of the product. I was simply thinking “a tune is a tune.”

I selected a Morendi tune due to price. Once my car was tuned, the performance was horrible. The car idled rough and shook so badly you couldn’t safely drink beverages (ask my wife, she often spilled her drinks). I could no longer drive my car daily. I was so unhappy with the tune. I attempted to contact Morendi for months. I wanted them to make an adjustment. Finally, last week Morendi finally agreed to assist me. They connected to my laptop to flash my car. They neglected to advise me to connect my car to a “battery maintener “ while the car was being flashed. When complete, I tried to start the car. Nothing. I tried again and again. Nothing. My car was not starting and I panicked. I reached out to them for assistance and they ghosted me. They stopped answering my calls, blocked me on social media and wouldn’t respond to my emails.

I didn’t know what to do and I remembered my conversations with Chris Chan. I reached out to him and asked for his help. Other tuners and my local dealership turned me away, but not Chris. After speaking with Chris, he told me my ECU was “bricked”. Chris took the time to speak with me even though I wasn’t his customer. He spoke with the engineers at AMR Performance and offered me a solution. Chris said the only way to correct the problem was to ship my ECU to HQ. Before shipping my ECU, Chris and AMR provided me with detailed instructions on how to safely remove the ECU. After my last experience, this offered my peace of mind. I shipped my ECU to AMR HQ to analyze if the ECU could be reversed. AMR took the time to reverse engineer the damage done by the Morendi tune. After 3 business days, Chris contacted me and informed me that AMR was successful at “unbricking” the ECU. While my ECU was at AMR, I decided to invest in a Stage 2, street tune. Chris suggested taking the opportunity to upgrade to the RV3.1 since my ECU was already with AMR.

I received my ECU and reinstalled in my car. I was so afraid that my car wouldn’t start. The moment of truth. My car roared to life! The beast was unleashed. When I took the car for a test drive, I was blown away by how smooth the car up shifted and the added power I felt in acceleration.

What I have learned from this experience is you get what you pay for. The added value for spending a little more is the convenience of tuning with a Comport Pro. I can flash a tune in 3 minutes or less at my leisure. No appointment necessary. When I was shopping for tuners, I just focused on getting the tune not knowing how the tune is uploaded.

I cannot thank Chris Chan, and AMR, enough for helping me when no one else would. They helped me even though I initially chose a different tuner. If you are considering a tune, I strongly urge you to reach out to Chris Chan. He is there to answer your questions, alleviate your fears, and get you in the right tune. If you make your decision based on a few hundred dollars, you may have a story like mine. The extra money is worth the quality of the product and stellar customer service Chris and AMR will provide.

E63s AMG (W213) STAGE 1+ TCU/CPC
Diyor Kodirov

E63s AMG (W213) STAGE 1+ TCU/CPC

Amazing customer service and performance

Chris Chan and the amr team made my tuning purchase a smooth process and answered most of the question i have had and minor issues along the way. Couldn't ask for a better customer service quality and super satisfied. My c43 was quick as a stock car and no slouch but after tuning to stage 1, i felt the different immediately and felt like it kick it up a notch when the immediate torque and better mid range performance. Comfort mode now feels like sport and sport feels like sport plus mode now, happy with how much the car pulls now!!!

absolutely woke!

Got a ECU and TCU tune for my 21 AMG GT 63 The ECU tune absolutely woke the engine up and the TCU tune took my lazy prematurely shifting transmission that never shifted in the sweet spot and lit it up 1k more RPM and now the car is an absolute beast when it's called upon. Ask for Chris Chan who is the most responsive and knowledgeable person you could ever ask for. He guided me through the entire process and carefully explained all the details. Since I never flashed a car before it was a little intimidating but Chris gave me comfort and the whole thing was effortless. The COMPORT setup is amazingly easy and the AMR tuning guide was very thorough.


Had a local Mercedes dealer install my downpipes and flash the tune using the Comport Pro, took 2.5 minutes! The power is insane. Pulls for dayssssssssss. Every gear is smooth! Now to buy your CPC haha

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amr performance reviews | amr tuning reviews