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Solid product

Insane improvement! Boost hits hard and keeps on pulling. The throttle response is crisp and keeps me smiling. Really great product! Great job AMR!

Amazing product

Installation was very easy and flashing took only a couple of minutes. Power is instant and really transformed the car. Great product and company. Highly recommend

MB C63S AMG W205

Initially nervous about purchasing a tune with so many people out there providing different options I am ultimately glad that I went with AMR. Working with AMR was seamless and a real pleasure. I definitely recommend this to anyone with any car.

Easy installation

After the car’s ECU was updated the Comport Pro Tuning Suite seemed easy to install in a few minutes. The car feels much more powerful in both horsepower and torque but I can’t tell by exactly how much until I can find a dyne to test it on.

My only complaint is that the code is written for Windows. Some tuners provide a Mac option. I had to buy a tablet to install it. This is an option AMR should consider.

Excellent Product!!!

Customer service is excellent and matches what to expect from the tune. You guys are great and I could not be happier with my 2018 911 Turbo S!


Whatever you did to my 707 has made it into an animal! Can not thank you enough. The AMR team guided me through flashing my DBX 707 right at home. Simply amazing! Thank you AMR!


Turned my 992 Turbo S into an animal! This car is insane! I can not believe what you have unlocked out of this vehicle! Thank you! AMR FTW!

Love it!

Purchased this for my 2022 F1 Edition. Straightforward installation and flashing took less than 2 minutes! Power pulls for days! Definitely will be coming back to you for more! Solid product and great buy


great everything and Chris is outstanding, car isn't the same anymore. its actually the best now. thank you all

Power Boost

The Stage 2 ECU tune is phenomenal! Great power increase without the obnoxious multiple pops. Just a couple pops when downshifting.
Chris who is the Bay Area representative for AMR, uploaded the tune to C63S. He knows his stuff and can help you decide on what you’re looking for in power. Thanks Chris!

Amazing product

So glad I found AMR. I have been searching all over for the right place to get my 992 tuned and through speaking with a lot of other claimed tuners I was skeptical. The team at AMR was very knowledgeable and guided me through the steps need to properly modify without issues. You guys are worth every penny! Thanks again

Amazing service and product!

My experience with this Comport Pro Tuning Suite has been nothing short of amazing. The car is so much more responsive and has consistent power throughout the whole powerband. Chris Chan helped me throughout the whole process and his patience and responsiveness is something that I know any car enthusiast will appreciate. Highly recommend!! Contact Chris!!

WAGNERTUNING Performance Intercooler Kit Mercedes-Benz 43 AMG (M276)

Best buy!

Amazing performance and easy to use. Took me less than 5 mins to set it all up and flash. Great product and a must buy for anyone with a DBX 707!

Worth every penny!

Simply amazing! Easy install and really woke up my vantage!


Love everything about this upgrade! I have had it on the car for about 15k now and this review is overdue! Car pulls strong, gas mileage even went up and I could not be happier with the performance! Thanks again AMR! Shoutout to Robert & Matt who made the process flawless!


This car is an animal! Really work it up! Smoked my friend's 992 Turbo S. He is going to hit you guys up for a tune now lol Thanks again! 10/10!


Best upgrade I have done! DBX feels like an animal! Thank you guys!

991.2 ECU Stage 1 Tune

Awesome! The torque boost is incredible.

2020 E450 CPC

I had been told, from another tuning company, that the CPC upgrade did not work with my E450. There were some initial minor issues. However, AMR has the absolute best customer support. They worked tirelessly, even after business hours, to find and resolve the issues. The tuned CPC brings the ECU and TCU tunes together for the complete package. I now have very comfortable riding vehicle that turns into a beast when you want and averages 36.5mpg at 65mph. Again, AMR has the hands down best service and support in this market.

A Must Have!

The TCU tune is a must have to accompany your ECU tune. It compliments and provides the full potential of their ECU tunes. Spot on shift points and shifting characteristics. Definitely worth the upgrade.

Absolutely Phenomenal!

ECU tune provides excellent power gains, driveability, and fuel economy. The Comport Pro software is easy to, provides great information, and is regularly updated. AMR has really impressed me with their level of support. They are second to none when it comes to customer service. I will be returning to AMR for all future tuning needs.

Glc 43 amg Stage 2

Upgraded from stage 1 to stage 2 and WOW the performance is incredible. This thing really gets up and goes I absolutely love it!!

Life changing!!!

All I’m gonna say is my 2018 went from a FAST heavy sedan to ANIMAL with AMR’s tune!!! TCU is on the way I can’t wait!! The guys at AMR are no joke Matt is the man!!

2020 GLC 43 AMG STAGE 1

Installed the stage one tune on my GLC 43 AMG, what a huge difference. Woke it up. Stage 2 coming soon. Great customer service great product!!

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amr performance reviews | amr tuning reviews