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Glc 43 amg Stage 2

Upgraded from stage 1 to stage 2 and WOW the performance is incredible. This thing really gets up and goes I absolutely love it!!

Life changing!!!

All I’m gonna say is my 2018 went from a FAST heavy sedan to ANIMAL with AMR’s tune!!! TCU is on the way I can’t wait!! The guys at AMR are no joke Matt is the man!!

2020 GLC 43 AMG STAGE 1

Installed the stage one tune on my GLC 43 AMG, what a huge difference. Woke it up. Stage 2 coming soon. Great customer service great product!!

Much quicker

Chris Chan is the goat. Hit him up with any questions and he will get you taken care of. Definitely makes the car quicker and only took me about 10 minutes in total to do. Shift pops are much crisper as well. I Highly Recommend

It’s a beast!

Worth every penny. As fast as a stock M3.

The best!

Truly! From customer service, to purchasing, to walking me through install which took less than 4 mins! You guys are awesome! This product is amazing and I am happy I found you guys. Everyone else wanted me to ship my ECU but I was thrilled to find out that I did not have to with this one of a kind product! Thanks again!

Great Job!

Feels amazing! Throttle response is snappy, that lag is gone and power is instant! Exactly what I wanted. Now with little effort it moves! Really great job AMR! Thank you for the quick turn around! You have a customer for life - David

Great product and service

I bought this product and Chris was able to help me with everything. He answered all my questions and even was able to help figure out different options for my car. He is very knowledgeable with C43s. He also was willing to help me find different shops that were in my area to install my downpipes.

Overall great product and services. Would recommend AMR and Chris to anyone who is looking for a tune and service.


Could not thank you guys enough! Flashed your stage 1 into my car in less than 2 minutes! The power is amazing, more than what I expected! Appreciate the hard work! Thank you again!!!!

True pros

These guys have great knowledge and offer up awesome advice. They are true pros, fast service and awesome results. Highly recommend them.

CPC Unit

I purchase a CPC unit from Matt Forbes and needless to say I couldn’t be happier. I currently have a AMR Stage 2 ECU tune installed and this CPC took the car to the next level. I also had them program the exhaust valves to be positioned fully open at all time…it’s amazing. AMR seriously has some of the best customer service and sales representatives I’ve encountered. Thank you AMR!

Why did I wait so long?

2021 c43 estate.. did the 91 tune with burble and couldn’t be happier. Holy cow, I thought it was fast before, it’s way quicker and smoother. Thanks guy!

Wild and Easy!

Can not believe the night and day difference with this tune! The performance is amazing! Throttle response is sharp and power pulls forever! Thanks to the AMR team, you guys did great, especially with the OBD support!

Silicone inlet coupler

Seems a little short and not many layers of silicone

The best!

Besides being the only option for obd flashing, the tune I have to admit is amazing. Car is an absolute animal. I am lucky to have found AMR Performance. Too many people in these groups shipping their ECU out to tuners and having problems, I was glad to find such a product. You guys engineer the best, keep up the good work!


AMR came through with flying colors! I have been searching everywhere for an OBD solution. No company makes it except AMR! So I ordered it. After a couple of days, it arrived on my doorstep and I removed my jb4 piggyback and installed the flash using my laptop. Super easy, took less than 5 minutes! The car is amazing! Pulls hard and a lot smoother than the piggyback! Thank you guys for listening to the community and coming through for us! AMR FTW!


Completely transformed my Turbo S! I can not even explain in words how different it feels! Amazing throttle response, boost hits hard and pulls forever! Thank you guys for an awesome product!

So easy! Worth it!

First would like to thank the staff at AMR. Simply amazing! Customer service is top notch and when it came to the product, I could not ask for more! Install was straight forward and easy! Car is night and day! Amazing experience! Thank you guys!

AMR Performance Review

AMR Review

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Chan on upgrading the performance of my 2014 E63S. Given the complexity of the programming involved with tuning a car, I was quite skeptical that it would improve the overall performance of my car.

I was completely wrong. AMR’s performance tuning suits are world class in the realm of tuning applications. They are head and shoulders above the rest.

I was fortunate enough to have purchased the stage 2, and TCU tuning applications, and it was the best bang for my buck that I have ever invested in increasing the level of performance in a car!

The engineers really did a great job of creating an MAP application that integrates and works seemingly with the car’s technology! Not only was the installation was painless and fast, the overall drivability has improved significantly! It’s like this is how it should have come from the factory!

Also not to mention the outstanding customer service! Chris Chan was readily available to answer any questions thoughts or concerns that I had! He was there step by step with engineers standing by to assist if needed! If fact with my current job hours I had to do my installs outside of normal working hours and on a weekend. Chris did not hesitate to assist and made his team aware just in case we needed additional support.

If your on the fence about tuning your car, or have had bad experiences in the past, give AMR’s line of tuning applications a shot! I promise you it will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make!

White Glove Experience

I worked with Chris Chan to learn about all the upgrades I could do to my 2020 E450 Coupe. I started with the ECU and then did the CPC and then the TCU. Once I started and experienced the difference, I wanted all of it. It’s like driving a different car. Chris and the engineers were extremely knowledgable and were very patient with me. They were there every step of the way. I would highly recommend AMR performance and their products.

Best tune ever!

I have been searching for a tune for my Vantage for a while now. Everyone wants to ship in and they all offer tunes with no experience with the car. Came across someone at a local car show with the same car who went with AMR Performance. So I decided to contact them. BEST DECISION EVER! Not only where they extremely knowledgeable but they are software engineers and the ONLY company that offers an in-depth tune with OBD flash and support for this vehicle! Took me less than 2 mins to connect and flash, worth every penny! You guys have a customer for life!

2015 MB S63 W222

Great Customer Service, always got a reply within a few minutes even out of normal business hours to answer questions etc, great tune, great power


Great service

I looked around for a while for someone who could get some extra power of my mercedes until I found Amr. I noticed they already had plenty of good reviews and happy customers. Amr and Matt specifically were very helpful and answered all of my questions. Customer support was top notch and all of their instructions were very clear. Excellent response time and care. I will continue to use Amr for my future upgrades on my car and any other vehicles I work on


Although you will see the gains, the downside is that the 4matic 9g tronic will not handle that much torque without modification. Luckily those are inexpensive.

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amr performance reviews | amr tuning reviews