1. Ensure that your battery is fully charged
  2. Connect your COMPORT to your vehicle
  3. Turn your key to the ON position (Do not touch the brake pedal)
    • For push-to-start ignition -press start button TWICE
    • For vehicles using key-style ignition, TWO key clicks
  4. Select the TUNING menu option on your COMPORT.
  5. Select the WRITE option.
  6. Choose the ORIGINAL tune at the top of the tune selection list, then follow the on-screen prompts to successfully program your ECU.
  7. Once completed, plug your COMPORT into your COMPORT MANAGER. Run the final update.
  8. Once update is complete, select “ERASE DATA” from the main menu. Choose “START“. This will now remove your logs and complete data from you and your vehicle from the COMPORT.
  9. CONGRATULATIONS! Your COMPORT is now back to its original form!

Note: IF this procedure is not done or IF the unit is not “un-marry” / “un-installed” from the previous vehicle, the COMPORT will not be able to be sold or used on ANY other vehicle.