AMR Performance Reviews Rating:

  • 5 STAR



  • JR Payne



  • I’ve known Rob for quite some time and I’ve always heard good things about his company, so when the time came around to get my Audi A4 tuned I had to make the right choice. After looking at APR, unitronic, and JHM, after hearing up and Down and all over the place reviews I decided to stop down at AMR and in fact they tune Audis and just about every other car on the road. My experience was great I came he told me the whole process of taking the ecu out and actually going in to physically tune the car while keeping all the stock features and sensors. With a 3″ test pipe and that’s all my stock power was 183 hp at the wheels after tuning and perfecting it I was able to push 242hp and around 270ft lb tq. I am absolutely thrilled with the power delivery and just the improved driving experience. A totally different car. Couldn’t recommend AMR, just real quality tuning Done right.