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  • 5 STAR



  • Anthony Sciacca



  • AMR Performance , there is not enough of great things I can say about my experience with u guys.. My car has never ran better after leaving your shop. They took there time going over every aspect of the ecu and entire car during the tuning session.. Robert explained to me what he was doing every step of the way and really was amazing at fine tunning my evo in many aspects then one ..He made me understand what was going on and how my car reacted to the diff adjustments that he was making … They really take there time and do it from scratch only scheduling around 3 cars a day giving the customer all the time one would need to touch all aspects on really what your looking for as for as power and safe everyday driven reliability.. My car pushing close to 400whp drives better now leaving AMR then it ever did with less just feels factory how smooth it drives. I felt a difference believe it or not in my tranny and clutch as well.. It’s amazing I never got that from any other tuner… I truly recommend Matt and Robert at AMR. I have never learned more in my life about my evo and they are as down to earth as they come. Never bad mouthing anyone just taking a different more thorough aproach towards this industry than most in my opinion, and most of all they made me feel like family and that I can never forget … AMR FTW… See you guys soon…


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