Special Features (add-on for RV3.1)



Special Features

  • ON/OFF Start-up Burble Mode
  • Full Burble Mode
  • Free Rev Burble Mode in Park/Neutral
  • 2-Step Mode
  • Rolling 2-Step Mode
  • Burn Out Mode
  • Launch Control (boost off the line)


amr c43 tune

Upgrade your RV3.1 to an RV3.1s

We work hard to give you the highest quality, power and driving experience with our ECU Software Upgrades (tunes). Our engineering department and developers have been hard at work developing what we call our exclusive “Special Features” options. These engineered special features are another example of what separates us from the average “tuners”. Giving your vehicle the ability to do more than what the factory intended and what standard tuning can not offer.

To have the ability to purchase these new “Special Features“, must purchase our RV3.1 ECU Software Upgrade (tune) or already have our RV3.1 ECU Software Upgrade (tune).

As most already know, our RV3.1 has been out for while now, but if you do not know here are our specs:

  • Commanded Selective Drive
  • Optimized Torque Limiters
  • Optimized Air Sensors
  • Optimized Coolant Sensors
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Improved Turbo Response
  • Smooth Power Delivery
  • Power On Demand
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • OBD II Emissions Compliant
  • Safe, Proven & Tested Results
  • Horsepower: up to +130HP
  • Torque: up to +180TQ
  • 0-60 times: 3.3s – 3.4s (dragy verified)
  • Quarter Mile: 11.2-11.6et (full weight / 93 octane) (dragy verified / track verified / customer verified)
  • 1/4 Mile MPH: 119-122mph (full weight / 93 octane) (dragy verified / track verified / customer verified)


What are these Special Features?

  • ON/OFF Start-up Burble Mode
  • Full Burble Mode
  • Free Rev Burble Mode in Park/Neutral
  • 2-Step Mode
  • Rolling 2-Step Mode
  • Burn Out Mode
  • Launch Control (boost off the line)

What is ON/OFF Start-up Burble Mode?

  • ON/OFF Start-up Burble Mode allows you to start-up the vehicle and give a burble sound while coming down to idle. While sounding great, you do have the option of using it when you want. Works well at car meets when trying to draw attention ūüėČ

What is Full Burble Mode?

  • Full Burble Mode is a lot of fun and enjoyable. Instead of just having “burble” at full throttle or heavy load, you can now have this feature when driving in low, mid or high RPM.

What is FREE REV Burble Mode in Neutral / Park?

  • This VERY special feature is quite unique and something that is definitely needed! When your vehicle is in park or neutral, you will notice the vehicles tachometer does not want to pass 3000rpm when free revving the engine at a standstill. This takes some of the enjoyment out of the vehicle especially when upgrading the exhaust and wanting to hear a little more grunt when revving. We have designed what we can “FREE REV” which includes the “BURBLE MODE” giving the vehicle the ability to “FREE REV” up to 5000-5500rpm!
Video of “FREE REV” with “BURBLE MODE”:

What is 2-Step Mode?

  • This special feature is quite unique. When in neutral or park, giving the vehicle full throttle (WOT) the factory slows the RPM down and limits the RPM at 3500/3800rpm. Making the vehicle stop at that point. Not being able to give a full “rev out” of the engine. Our 2-Step Mode extends this to 4500-4800rpm as well as giving the popular “2-Step” sound and function.

What is Rolling 2-Step Mode?

  • This special feature is a lot of fun. When driving the vehicle, you are able to put the vehicle into neutral, while rolling, full throttle the vehicle and it will initiate 2-Step Mode. Designed for those who like to show off and do that slow roll by.

What is Burn Out Mode?

  • Burn Out Mode allows the vehicle to do a full burn out. Smoking the tires and creating that fun rear wheel drive feel. You are able to hold the break and feather the throttle.

What is Launch Control (boost off the line)?

  • Launch Control/Boost off the line (BOTL) special feature is nothing new to us. We included this feature with our release of our RV3.1 ECU Software Upgrade. Gives you the ability to launch the vehicle in boost as suppose to flat punching the car. We are able to build torque and boost while the vehicle is at a stand still. Those who already have the upgrade have been enjoying your 3.3sec – 3.4sec 0-60 times.

Special Features Video:

  • We put together a quick simple video showing these special features. Video consist of a couple of customer vehicles C450 & C43 AMG.