MB AMG GLE53 ECU Software Upgrade (SHIP IN ECU)



Vehicle Application: Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE53

Horsepower Gains: +105-115hp

Torque Gains: +135-145tq


This purchase is for AMR Performance ECU Software and will require the ECU to be shipped to AMR Performance HQ. 


Vehicle Application: Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE53

Horsepower Gains: +105-115hp

Torque Gains: +135-145tq

Octane(s) Available:

  • 91 Octane
  • 93 Octane
  • 95 Ron (euro)
  • 98 Ron (euro)

AMR Performance Enhancement Features:

    • Optimized Fuel Mapping
    • Optimized Timing Curve
    • Improved Fuel Efficiency
    • Broader & Stronger Power Band
    • Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
    • Increased Turbocharger Response
    • In-House Engineered & Tested Results
    • Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns



  • AMR Performance has found that the “53” vehicles (M256 engine platform) stock power numbers vary from the power numbers claimed by Mercedes-Benz (Mercedes-AMG). 
  • ALL power gains are calculated based on stock numbers measured by AMR Performance. 
  • Our numbers will be dependent on vehicle conditions, climate conditions, environment conditions, dynamometer settings (if used) and fuel quality. 

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 4 in

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