Jaguar XF Handheld Tuner (3.0 Supercharged)



Vehicle Application:  Jaguar XF

Horsepower Gains: +95-105hp

Torque Gains: +75-85tq

Note: This purchase includes (1) handheld programmer and the ECU Software Upgrade for this vehicle.


***Due to the nature of this purchase, all sales are final. There are NO REFUNDS***


Jaguar Handheld Tuner:

The handheld programmer will give you the ability to program our custom ECU software (tune) into your vehicle from the comfort of your own home as well as give you the ability to continue upgrading the vehicle without the need for your ECU to be removed or shipped in!

  • Change between tunes  or return the stock within minutes without the need of a laptop!


Vehicle Application:  Jaguar XF

Horsepower Gains: +95-105hp

Torque Gains: +75-85tq


Octane(s) Available:

  • 91 Octane
  • 93 Octane
  • 95 Ron (euro)
  • 98 Ron (euro)


AMR Performance Enhancement Features:

  • Optimized Fuel Mapping
  • Optimized Timing Curve
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Broader & Stronger Power Band
  • Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
  • In-House Engineered & Tested Results
  • Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns


How does it work?

MyGenius handheld programmer is very easy to use

  • Connect the MyGenius to your vehicle using the supplied OBD2 cable
  • Follow the Automatic Step-By-Step instructions
  • Read the vehicle ECU information & stock file
  • Save the stock file onto your computer using the MyGenius Manager
  • Email the file to
  • Our engineers will design a “tune” specifically for your vehicle and modifications
  • The new file will be emailed to you
  • Load the new file into the MyGenius using the MyGenius Manager
  • Program your vehicle with the new “tune”
  • Enjoy the car!




  • Once plugged into your vehicle, the MYGENIUS will auto-detect the vehicle’s ECU and prompt you to choose from the already equipped OFF-THE-SHELF tune you would like to program into your vehicle. If you have an ECU that is not on file, the MYGENIUS will prompt a download in which the file we be downloaded and then can be emailed to our engineers who will design new files for you. You will update your handheld and be all set to go!



  • The MYGENIUS saves your factory ECU calibration giving you the ability to go back to stock at any given time



  • The MYGENIUS can store over 25+ maps for your vehicle. AMR Performance designs vehicle specific files according to your vehicle’s modifications and your needs. You can pick and choose which maps you would like to program your vehicle with!
  • The MYGENIUS has the ability to store CUSTOM TUNED maps as well. Giving you the ability to have your vehicle custom tuned by an AMR Performance certified facility and the tune can be saved on the MYGENIUS.



  • The MYGENIUS manager software can be downloaded off our website. This software gives you the ability to update, upgrade, load and remove tunes off your MYGENIUS handheld device.



  • For those wanting further custom tuning, AMR Performance offers in-house custom tuning for your vehicle.
  • Any-and-all tunes from AMR Performance can be saved onto your MYGENIUS giving you the ability to change between tunes as you wish.


After hours of data acquisition and numerous runs on the dynamometer, AMR Performance has engineered and developed ECU Software upgrade(s) for the Jaguar XF. Not only does this upgrade give the vehicle an increase in horsepower, torque, but also optimizes the fuel curve and increases throttle response! This well engineered recipe turns this normally commuter vehicle into a torque filled throttle happy warrior!






**** The MyGenius is locked to your vehicle’s VIN number and can only be used on the vehicle it was originally programmed for. Can not use on multiple vehicles. This item is non-refundable.

Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 6 in
Choose Option:

Stage 1 SV Upgrade, Stage 2 SV Upgrade