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We are excited to announce to the community the launch of our AMR Performance #PROTUNER Suite!


COMPORT #PROTUNER SUITE is a highly advanced engine tuning software developed for professional tuning shops equipped with a chassis or engine dynamometer (dyno).

The COMPORT #PROTUNER SUITE gives professional tuners the ability to fully tune an unlimited number of AMR Performance supported vehicles and offers powerful OEM ECU tuning capabilities, as well as our own custom features, to tune for nearly any engine modification with out compromise or limitations. Full technical support available by our AMR Performance Engineers and Calibration Specialists who utilize this same software daily. 


  • Tuning Maps: Ability to access a large number of tuning tables for full ECU tuning control
  • Unlimited Vehicle Tuning: Fully supported number of COMPORT PROTUNING SUITE equipped vehicles can be tuned
  • Tuner Protection: Tuning maps are locked to prevent customer tampering, unauthorized distribution or inappropriate use
  • Stock ECU Calibration / Data: Stock tuning data (CALs) are self-contained inside the software itself, providing the OEM baseline tune for each vehicle supported by the software
  • Tune Compare: Compare different tune(s)  
  • Table Plots: Tables are plotted in 3D, 2D and 1D formatting
  • Table Views: Both graph and grid view
  • Data Logging: Done through the COMPORT PRO TUNING Suite logging multiple channels of data from the ECU for detailed analysis of engine performance
  • Data Log Analysis: Highly engineered plotter used to graph your or your customer(s) logs giving you the ability to get a full analysis
  • Data Log Overlay: Overlay your logs to show the traced trail in the table you are modifying. No need to guess where the vehicle data was showing on the table you are modifying
  • and MUCH, MUCH MORE!
  • COMPORT #PROTUNER SUITE is reserved for AMR Performance Authorized #PROTUNER only


  • The COMPORT #PROTUNER SUITE is reserved for AMR Performance Authorized PROTUNER(s) and Dealers only.
  • Further information, contact


  • System Requirements: Windows 8.1, 10; (Windows ARM not supported) & 11.
  • COMPORT #PROTUNER SUITE is not currently available for Mac OS at this time.