What is the COMPORT?

The COMPORT is a very powerful device. What makes the COMPORT superior over other devices, other than its modern touch screen appearance, is its pre-loaded AMR Performance designed and engineered tune(s).

What are pre-loaded maps?

“Pre-loaded” maps, also knows “O.T.S.” or most commonly referred as “off-the-shelf”, are custom designed “tune(s)” for your vehicle. These tune(s) have been tested in-house and coded by our AMR Performance engineers to ensure your tune(s) are designed as a complete package focusing on safety, reliability and power all in one.

What “map(s)” or “tune(s)” come pre-loaded?

The  COMPORT touch screen handheld programmer comes pre-loaded with 2 different octane levels as well as “stage” map(s) or tune(s) for your vehicles modifications. 

What are “stage” map(s) / tune(s)?

Stage map(s) / tune(s) are designed for your upgrading path. So you can use the stage designed for your vehicles modifications. 

– Stage 1: Stock Vehicle (no modifications)
– Stage 2: Upgraded Downpipe (optional: catback)

What octane comes on the “stage” map(s) / tune(s)?

The COMPORT comes with both 91 octane (95 Ron) & 93 octane (98 Ron) for your Stage 1 and Stage 2  map(s) / tune(s). They are listed on the COMPORT as seen below:

– 91 Octane – Stage 1
– 93 Octane – Stage 1
– 91 Octane – Stage 2
– 93 Octane – Stage 2