mercedes e550 tuning

mercedes benz e550 tuning

Vehicle Application:

2012+ Mercedes Benz E550

Mercedes-Benz Engine Power Rating: 420hp / 443tq

AMR Performance NEW Engine Power Rating: 520-540hp / 736-756hp

Horsepower Gains:   +95-115hp

Torque Gains:  +175-185tq

DynoJet (power at the wheels):

  • Red -> Stock

  • Yellow -> Stage 1
AMR Performance: MB E550 4.7L BiTurbo W212 STAGE 1

Mercedes-Benz (@mbusa) E550 AMG 4.7L BiTurbo equipped with an AMR Performance (@amrperformance) ECU Software Upgrade (tune) went from 365whp to a new max of 457whp and 454wtq to a new max of 634wtq! That’s a gain of almost +100whp and +180wtq over stock! Safe & Reliably!

AMR Performance Enhancement Features:

  • Optimized Fuel Mapping
  • Optimized Timing Curves
  • Optimized Boost Curves
  • Speed Limiter Removed
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Broader & Stronger Power Band
  • Lower RPM Hesitation Eliminated
  • Increased Turbocharger Response
  • In-House Engineered & Tested Results
  • Smoother Firmer Transmission Shift Patterns
  • Much more!

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