mercedes c450 ecu tune

mercedes c450 ecu tune





amr performance c43


Description: (customer’s comments listed below)

“Hello Folks,,

Was recently surfing internet and youtube and couldn’t really find much about tuned C450/C43 1/4 mile times. 

I live in West Virginia but Yesterday decided to take the drive to the nearest Drag strip, which is an hour and half away lol. 

Anyways made it there. Vehicle was tuned by AMR with catless downpipes. This vehicle has a lot of potential if it would launch right. I tried multiple ways to launch but no luck. My friend in his 5.0 Mustang ran a 12.3@ 112 which tells me if I could launch this thing hard enough I can break into 11s,,,

Settings of vehicle before the drag trial,

Full weight car : Don’t know how much it ways
Driver only in vehicle : I weigh about 220 pounds ( I know I need to lose some  
Full tank of 93 pump gas
Weather was lower 60s F”