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amr performance cla250


  • TurboKits.com Downpipe
  • TurboKits.com BOV Spacers
  • AEM Intake System
  • TurboKits.com Intercooler Upgrade
  • TurboKits.com Turbo Upgrade
  • AMR Performance ECU Software Upgrade (tune)


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The CLA250 is a great daily. However lacking on power. Even with a Stage 2 package the factory turbocharger is “tapped” out.

The lack of packages and attention to the CLA250 can put a damper on modifying.

This is why Turbokits.com has spent alot of time coming up with a turbocharger upgrade that will give the CLA250 a stronger powerband without the sacrifice of losing low-end power. Which is something overlooked by competitors.

After spending time working and collaborating with them on this fun project, we finished developing a software upgrade to complete this full package and give your vehicle the “worry free” power increase you’ve been looking for.

This package, when combined with our AMR Performance ECU Software (tune), gives the vehicle a +80-100hp gain over and as high as +80-100tq over stock. While maintaining safety for the motor, transmission and daily drivability.

  • These gains were done on 93 octane.
  • Available for 91 octane.
  • 95 Ron & 98 Ron also available.