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2016 Range Rover Sport – AMR Performance Reviews


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AMR Performance Reviews

Range Rover Sport tuned by AMR Performance





This 2016 Range Rover Sport anniversary edition is a beautiful truck. From the interior, to the exterior and to its V8 Superchargered engine, it is well designed. How can you make a better? Well that’s where AMR Performance comes in. We put the vehicle onto our in-house dyno to see what kind of power the vehicle puts out in stock form. The stock power on the dyno shows 508hp and 475tq. Not a bad number to start with.  Our engineers anazlyized the factory data acquisition and saw areas in which we can improve on the vehicle’s overall performance. After implementing and changing the ECU (engine control unit) logic as well as some time tuning the vehicle’s base peramaters, we were able to achieve a gain of  +63hp and +75tq. Giving us a final number of 571hp and 550tq.

Seeing an increase in power throughout the entire RPM is great but where else can we improve? With AMR Performance, it’s all about the driving experience! So enhanced throttle response, firmed up transmission shift patters and optimized the vehicle fuel curve to improve were we can to improve with fuel economy.

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