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Volkswagen GTI MK6 – AMR Performance Reviews


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Volkswagen GTI MK6 - AMR Performance Reviews

Volkswagen GTI MK6 tuned by AMR Performance



This vehicle is a perfect example of a well performing and optimal tune -vs- a competitor’s tune. European vehicle’s take alot of engineering, development and thorough analysis to be properly tuned. The base dyno pull and data log shows the vehicle running ALOT of boost but we are not making any power. This is a common thing we see with most competitors. Giving the customer the FEEL of boost (which you can see looking at the TORQUE spike in the early RPM) without actually making anymore power over stock.

After a optimal and thorough tuning session, we were able to achieve +80tq over the competitor, a peak of +48hp and +70hp in mid-range RPM. The vehicle is now running a smooth air/fuel mixture, stable boost levels and a more reliable power band.

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