2002 BMW Z3 Supercharged – AMR Performance Reviews


  • Paul

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amr performance reviews

BMW Z3 tuned by AMR Performance


  • AMR Performance (www.amrperformance.com) custom tuning


Paul’s BMW Z3 is one of the cleanest Z3’s we’ve seen to date. Sporting an Active AutoWerke supercharger, this vehicle has some room for some kick! Upon doing some base dyno pulls on the vehicle, we were able to see how much horsepower and torque the standard Active AutoWerke tune would produce. The results of this base run were 372hp and 280tq on our dyno. After gathering the results from the previous tuner’s mapping, we went ahead and did what we do best. The results of our thorough custom tuning on this vehicle netted us a solid 407hp and 320tq giving us a gain of +35hp and +40tq over the base tune while also improving on throttle response and optimizing the vehicle’s fuel curve.

amr performance reviews