mercedes benz c450 ecu removal

Mercedes-Benz C400 / C450 / C43 ECU Removal Guide

**** Note: Please SCAN your vehicle before removing the ECU. This can be done at your local parts store or local mechanic. They will plug into the vehicle’s OBD2 port and SCAN for any existing CODES. After scanning for codes, please UNPLUG the negative side of the battery to avoid any lights or issues when unplugging or re-installing the ECU. In some cases, the ECU MAY need to be shipped in to be reset. Also, please be sure to leave the doors unlocked and the hood popped to ensure you have access to reinstall the ECU. Failure to follow this may cause issues to your vehicle in which AMR Performance is not responsible.

Open your vehicle’s hood:

mercedes benz c450 ecu removal

The ECU can be seen in the center of the engine bay under the front engine cover. First we will need to remove the engine cover.

Lift back on each corner of the rear section of the engine cover. You will notice it will “pop” up easily with little effort. 


Note that on the front portion of the engine cover, you will see two clips that will need to be disconnected from the air duct.


Pull back on these clips gently.


Once removed, place the engine over to the side.


You now see the ECU located in the center of the engine bay.


Located at the rear of the ECU, you will see the two ECU CONNECTORS. 


Unlock the driver side connector.




Unlock the passenger side ECU connector




Pull up in the front of the ECU, you will notice the ECU will “un-clip”. Do the same for the rear.


Congratulations! The ECU has been removed!


**** Note: When receiving your ECU. Please ensure that you carefully re-install the factory clips onto the ECU gently. Once the ECU is re-installed correctly. Re-connect your battery and start your vehicle. Failure to do so can cause the vehicle to not start / not run right / or cause damage to the ECU.