2010 Nissan GTR – AMR Performance Reviews

amr performance reviews


  • Sohrab

Power Plot:

amr performance reviews

AMR Performance tuned Nissan GTR


  • Upgraded Y-Pipe
  • Upgraded Fuel Pump
  • Upgraded 1000cc Injectors



This GTR really needed some attention, with the previous tuner’s “tune” equipped on the vehicle, through data acquisition and power plots, we were able to see the vehicle’s power curve is not optimal. Losing power and pulling timing 5000rpm due to inadequate tuning methods. After spending some time on this vehicle we achieved a stable idle, stronger power band, firmer transmission shift patterns and an overall gain in power out put with 2.5psi less then the previous tuner’s “tune”. This vehicle gained +45hp and +75tq (additional +100hp at 6500rpm) over the competitors tune.


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