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  • 2008+ 3.7L (NA)

    Nissan 370z Custom In-House Dyno Tuning (with license)

    Vehicle Application: 2008+ Nissan 370Z

    Horsepower Gains: +25-35hp

    Torque Gains: +25-35tq


    This purchase is for a custom in-house dyno tuning session for your specific vehicle


  • 2008+ 3.7L (NA)

    Nissan 370z ProECU Programming Kit


    Vehicle Application:

    • 2008+ Nissan 370z

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    The AMR Performance ProECU Programming Kit saves you time when modifying your vehicles. Installing aftermarket parts requires new tuning files in order for the vehicle to run properly. With the ProECU Programming Kit,¬†you are able to utilize the AMR Performance tuning service and dial in your vehicle remotely. Not local? Not …