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AMR Performance sets a new records.

We are proud to present our track results for our Stage 1 ECU Software upgrade (tune) using “Revision 1.02b”.

On Sunday (06/26/16) we decided to take our Mercedes Benz C450 AMG to the drag strip. Every track we contacted had a race event. However, Lebanon Dragway stated they can fit in a couple cars for some test runs during their event. We piled up into the C450 and took the 2hr drive.

Once getting to the track, the rush was on! They announced test-and-tune to come to the lanes immediately so we had to suit up and get on the move.

The weather was not fun at all. Brutal 98+ degrees, at one point hitting 102ºF, sticky black top, icky heat, horrible humidity, second guessing the decision between pool and track. Conditions we would not recommend anyone racing their vehicle in.

We got into the staging lanes and immediately were moved up to run. The vehicle performance was amazing. Proving to us again that the C450 is an excellent platform. In the most extreme and harsh environment, the vehicle put down a 12.3et at 112mph. The excitement with this vehicle continues to fuel our staff. There is still some ET and MPH to gain. With slightly better conditions there is no doubt the vehicle can shave another .15-.25 off the ET and gain an additional 4-5mph.


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Mercedes C450 Tune

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