Turbo Test Rig


TurboTest is a device, which is used to check and adjust variable geometry of turbochargers and to measure their performance. The device has two operation modes: static mode, which allows adjusting the variable geometry of the turbocharger at standstill, as well as dynamic mode, which simulates operating conditions of turbocharger.


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In dynamic mode, the turbine is oil lubricated with a suitable temperature and pressure. Thanks to this, the adjustment of variable geometry can be done at a speed, which is displayed on a monitor. Due to this, not only we can measure the amount of air, which comes through the blades of variable geometry, but what is more important, can measure the performance of a reconditioned turbocharger.



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Results of the measurement of several positions of the actuator are compared with the parameters of the original turbochargers data, to achieve the same level of boost. The device determines a zero point, using the change of shaft speed, which eliminates the problem of the normal installation of the actuator position sensor.




The measuring module of TurboTest has a database of variable geometry actuator settings and performance data of original turbochargers, which can be quickly and easily updated with the help of built-in Wi-Fi router via Internet. TurboTest is a unique patented technology in the world and is available only under the CIMAT brand. TurboTest is a new standard in the process of turbocharger overhaul and guarantees an adequate boost of your turbocharger.




Special features of TurboTest:

  • control of vacuum (pneumatic) actuators and electronic systems by measuring module
  • approximate measuring time is 15 seconds
  • database of 200 turbochargers is supplied with the machine,
  • universal mounting head for diff erent types of turbochargers
  • running turbocharger performance measurement
  • set of adapters for most popular types of turbochargers
  • control panel is integrated to the latest generation measuring module
  • air supply: from 4 bars for passenger cars turbochargers and up to 8 bars for turbochargers for trucks.