CMT-47 TR Polymer


The result of many years’ experience and cooperation with turbo workshops is the compact rotor balancing machine characterized by high accuracy and efficiency. CMT – 47 tr is applied in the first stage of turbine recondition process. The machine has been especially designed to dynamic balancing of all kinds of turbocharger rotors in two correction planes, after removal them from bearing housing. The machine has infinitely variable speed drive which enables to achieve rotational speed even up to 9.000 rpm.

The advanced measuring unit ROTORTEST 610 is equipped with 17″ LCD industrial touch screen for balancing results presentation and has installed sophisticated software which makes machine operation easier than ever before.

The measuring unit enables to save data on external storage via USB port, send it via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and print the balancing reports out with built-in laser printer.


Rotor weight5KG
Recommended balancing speed; infinitely variable speed2800rpm
Maximum rotational speed9000rpm
Minimum achievable residual imbalance0.02gmm
Maximum rotor diameter200mm
Journal diameter0.1gmm
Distance between bearing centersO.D. 4mm do 40mm
Hard-bearingO.D. 10mm
permanent calibration (no calibrations runs required)300mm
Machine weight517kg