CMT-48 VSR Basic Core Assembly Balancing Machine

The result of many years’ experience and cooperation with turbo workshops is the compact core assembly high speed balancing machine characterized by high accuracy and efficiency. CMT – 48 VSR has been especially designed to high speed turbochargers of passenger cars and vans.

CMT 48 VSR is used for checking is there any unwanted dynamic phenomenon of the rotor at service speed of the turbine i.e. flexural of rotor by moment of force. Balancing process is performed by comparison of selected parameters of vibrations to values specified by turbocharger manufacturers as boundary values of these parameters. Software suggests the position and amount of correction mass to be removed.

The core assembly is installed in the machine to the universal socket by the use of the proper adapters. Journal bearings of the core are supplied with the oil of the proper temperature and pressure. The oil is subjected to continuous filtration processes. The core assembly acceleration is done by the use of compressed air (8 bar).

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It enables to achieve rotor velocity up to 280.000 rpm. Measurement process lasts just for approximately four seconds. As a result of measuring process, graph of vibration characteristics is displayed. Moreover, the software indicates the exact angular position of imbalance and its amount. There is no need of machine calibration before balancing process. Balancing conditions are similar to those of combustion engine.

CIMAT has developed an innovative solution in regards to the adapters for VSR machines which enables you to make significant savings in your company budget during future exploitation of the machine. This system has been patented and is only available with CIMAT VSR machines. Contact us for more details.


The advanced measuring unit ROTORTEST 610 is equipped with 17″ LCD industrial touch screen for balancing results presentation and has installed sophisticated software which makes machine operation easier than ever before. The measuring unit enables to save data on external storage via USB port, send it via Wi-Fi or Ethernet and print the balancing reports out with built-in laser printer.

Special features of CMT 48 VSR:

  1. Balancing speed up to 280.000 rpm.
  2. Min. achievable residual imbalance 0,005 gmm.
  3. Measurement run takes no longer than 4 seconds
  4. Software indicates the exact angular position of imbalance and its amount.
  5. Construction of the drive system enables to have an access to turbine wheel without uninstalling the core which makes work faster, easier and more efficient.
  6. Having CIMAT’s VSR machine with its innovative, universal adapters with the fewer number of them you can install and balance more cores than with the adapters of other manufacturer. This solution enables you to make significant savings in your company budget during future exploitation of the machine.
  7. By application of CIMAT’s innovative adapters the amount of air needed for core acceleration is considerable lesser in comparison to amount of air needed in the machines of other manufacturers (300 l per measurement run).
  8. Installation of the core is very fast.
  9. Mass correction process without uninstalling the core assembly.
  10. Intuitive software allows you to manage in an easy way earlier saved data of your customer’s turbochargers.
Balancing speedup to 280.000 rpm
Min. achievable residual imbalance0,005 gmm
Core assembly weightup to 10 kg
Oil pressure in lubrication systemup to 4 bar
Amount of air per measurement run300 l
Air compressor pressure8 bar
Machine weight450 kg
Dimension1450 x 1050 x 1400 mm
Power supply400V / 50Hz
Safety guard with CE Mark.
Foundation is not required; vibration isolators are applied