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AMR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (off-road-use-only) Manufacturers and used of motor vehicle(s) incorporating / equipped with AMR


AMR PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS (off-road-use-only)

Manufacturers and used of motor vehicle(s) incorporating / equipped with AMR Performance products should at all times take necessary precautions against damage(s) to person(s) or property resulting from a malfunction of the product(s).

Due to the nature of performance applications, the parts sold by AMR Performance are sold and/or provided without any express warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. AMR Performance shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any special, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damage(s) or loss of property and/or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, cost of purchased and/or replacement goods and/or additional services and/or claims of customer(s) of the purchaser which may arise and/or result(s) from the sale, installation, service(s) and/or use of AMR Performance products and/or AMR Performance items sold by AMR Performance. AMR Performance reserves the right to make product(s) and/or service(s) improvements and/or changes without notice and/or without incurring liability with respect to similar product(s) previously installed and/or manufactured. The product(s) and/or service(s) and/or sale(s) of product(s) and/or item(s) are designed and/or installed and/or provided primarily for off-road use only.

Check state and federal laws as well as emission regulations. AMR Performance is not responsible and/or liable for the end user(s) and/or purchaser(s) and/or seller(s) and/or installer(s) and/or customer(s) and/or driver(s) negligence to follow state and federal law rules & regulations.

AMR PRODUCT WARRANTY (excluding turbochargers)

AMR Performance offers a full lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of the AMR Performance product(s).

Term(s) & Condition(s):

  • Product must be purchased from AMR Performance directly or any authorized or certified AMR Performance distributor.
  • Warranty covers the physical AMR Performance product manufactured by AMR Performance.
  • Warranty does not cover bolts, nuts, gaskets or additional “wear-n-tear” items.
  • Warranty applies only to the original purchaser.
  • Original purchaser must retain original proof of purchase.
  • Removal of part number and/or serial number will result to a warranty void.

AMR Performance ECU software upgrades include a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the AMR Performance ECU software upgrade of your choice, return to your AMR certified and authorized dealer for a full refund, provided that you are within the 30 day period from the time of your initial purchase. Labor and/or shipping charges are not included in the guarantee and are at the discretion of the place of purchase and/or install.

Term(s) & Condition(s)

  • Guarantee only valid if the service was provided by an AMR Performance authorized and certified dealer.
  • Guarantee voided if a hardware or software change was done to the vehicle by another shop and/or facility and/or “tuner”.
  • Guarantee only valid for AMR Performance software only and not valid for non-AMR hardware and/or software.
  • The original purchaser will have to bring the vehicle back to the authorized AMR Performance facility in order to have the software removed and the ECU put back to stock form. Failure to do so will void ALL AMR Performance warranty(s).
  • Warranty only valid to original purchaser.
  • AMR Performance does not warranty electrical and / or ECU communication problems / failures.
  • Removal of the factory ECU, unless done by an AMR Performance authorized facility, will void AMR Performance warranty.
  • Depending on item, some items returns may require a “re-stocking fee”.
  • NO Returns on handheld programmer, programming kits and/or 3-rd party devices.
  • NO Returns will be accepted without the original or copy of the original proof of purchase.
  • NO Returns on international orders.
  • NO Refunds on shipping costs.
  • NO Refunds on tax.
  • NO Refunds or guarantee on custom tuning on-and-or-off the dyno (includes email tuning).
  • Any-and-all custom tuning sales are final and are not eligible for return.
  • Refunds will not be given for any dyno time, dyno rental, dyno setup and/or dyno tuning.

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